Cogito-Selp Reading Meeting on mathematical explanation

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Cogito-Selp Reading Meetings are periodical informal discussion meetings on selected contemporary topics in the philosophy of mathematics, jointly organized by the Selp group and the Cogito project in Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosopy of Logic.

Monday July 8

Discussion leaders: Andrea Sereni, Giorgio Venturi

Basic readings:
Brown, J.R., Platonism, Naturalism, Mathematical Knowledge, Routledge, 2011, cap. 1
Kitcher, P. (1981), “Explanatory Unification”, Philosophy of Science
Mancosu, P. (2001), “Mathematical explanation, problems and prospects”, Topoi.
Mancosu, P. (2008), “Mathematical explanation, why it matters”, The Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, OUP, Ch. 5.
Mancosu, P. (2011), “Explanation in Mathematics”, SEP.
Molinini, D. (2012), “La spiegazione matematica”,
Pincock, C., Mathematics and scientific representation, OUP, 2012, cap. 10
Steiner, M. (1978), “Mathematical Explanation”, Philosophical Studies.

Discussion leader: Daniele Molinini
Baker, A. (2012) “Science Driven Mathematical Explanation”, Mind.

Discussion leader: Michele Ginammi
Batterman, R. (2009), “On the Explanatory Role of Mathematics in Empirical Science”, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
Pincock, C. (2010), “On Batterman’s ‘On the Explanatory Role of Mathematics in Empirical Science'”, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

Discussion leader: Luca San Mauro
C. Cheng, (2004, draft), “Mathematics, morally”
W. Thruston, (1994), “On proof and progress in mathematics”, American Mathematical Society.

Tuesday July 9

Discussion leader: Marina Imocrante
Baker, A. (2005), “Are There Genuine Mathematical Explanation of Physical Phenomena?”, Mind.
Rizza, D. (2011), “Magicicada, Mathematical Explanation and Mathematical Realism, Erkenntnis.

Discussion leader: Matteo Plebani
Yablo, S. (2013), “Explanation Extrapolation and Existence”, Mind.


Reading group on Øystein Linnebo (visiting Italy in September) 

Discussion leader: Francesca Boccuni
Linnebo, Ø. (2010), “Pluralities and sets”, Journal of Philosophy.

Discussion leader: Vittorio Morato
Linnebo, Ø. (2011), “The potential hierarchy of sets”, The Review of Symbolic Logic.


Venue: Sala Rossa, Dipartimento di FIlosofia e Comunicazione, Università di Bologna, Via Azzo Gardino, 23