FilMat 2022: Directions and Accommodations

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Conference Venue

Palazzo del Broletto, Sala del Camino, Piazza della Vittoria 15, 27100 Pavia, Italy.

The Broletto building is located in the main square in town, and is approx. a 10 minutes walk from the Train Station.

If you are arriving by plane, you can fly to any airport in Milan (Linate and Malpensa are slightly recommended over Milan Bergamo). You can then reach Milan city center and get a train to Pavia from several train stations.

Recommended major train station are Milan Centrale, Milan Rogoredo. and Milan Porta Garibaldi. Trains from Milan to Pavia can be checked on the website of Trenitalia. The most frequent train to Pavia is the Suburban S13 train. You can find a list of stops and timetables here.


Below you can find a list of accommodations, including some with special discount for the conference. This late September Pavia will be rather crowded due to an overlapping of several events. Please do book your accommodation as early as possible.

Close to the Conference venue and to the train station

  • Hotel Excelsior *** (10-min. walk from the Conference venue)
    Address: P.le Stazione 25, Pavia
    Phone: +39.0382.28596
    NB: Guests attending the Conference will receive a 12% price reduction by applying a discount code upon booking through the hotel website. The code is FILMAT. Note that discounts do not work on “nonrefundable” rooms.
  • Hotel Rosengarten *** (20-min. walk from the Conference venue)
    Address: Via Lombroso 21, Pavia
    Phone: +39 0382526312
  • Hotel Aurora *** (10-min. walk from the Conference venue)
    Address: Viale Vittorio Emanuele II 25, Pavia
    Phone: +39.0382 23664
  • Hotel Moderno **** (10-min. walk from the Conference venue)
    Address: Viale Vittorio Emanuele II 41, Pavia
    Phone: +39.0382.303401
  • Residence La Ca’ di Sogn *** 27100 Pavia (15-min. walk from the Conference venue)
    Address: Via Calchi 20/22, Pavia
    Phone: +39.0382.312380

More distant (connected to the Conference venue by city buses)

  • Cascina Scova Resort **** (20-30 min. by city bus)
    Address: Via Vallone 18, Pavia
    Phone: +39.0382.413604
  • Residence Il Cascinetto *** (20-30 min. by city bus)
    Address: Via Giovanni Tavazzani 35/D, Pavia

Close to Pavia (connected to the city centre)

  • Hotel Ritz *** (20-30 min. by car)
    Address: Via dei Longobardi 3, San Genesio ed Uniti, Pavia
    Phone: +39.0382.580280
    NB: Bus service from and to Pavia is included in the reservation.

Other solutions

Other solutions include AirBnb or Booking reservations in Pavia.
We especially recommend checking with AirBnB for affordable solutions.

It is also possible – but not extremely recommended given the conference schedule – to find accomodation in Milan. Pavia is approximately 30 minutes train from Milan. To be in Pavia for the conference start in the morning, consider that you may have to take a train around 8.30. If you are looking for accommodation in Milan, we recommend looking close to a Train or Suburban Station where the Suburban Train S13 stops.



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