Welcome to the website of the Italian Network for the Philosophy of Mathematics.

The network originates from the need to foster the gathering of scholars working either in Italy or abroad on the philosophy of mathematics and strictly related fields, with special attention to those at early stages of their careers.
Through the constitution of the FilMat network, we want to remedy both the low visibility from which the mentioned research areas suffer at national level and the difficulty of connection between many Italian researchers currently active in this field, which causes loss of substantial opportunities of exchange and collaboration.
The network is a completely informal initiative with no hierarchical structure, with a totally horizontal organisation, without presidency but simply a steering committee with permanent coordinators.

  • In the section “About Us”, you may find a short introduction of both the members of the promoting committee who first proposed to constitute the network and the aims of the network.
  • The section “Members” displays both a list of the scholars who subscribed the initiative, and their main research interests and activities, along with a list of the Institutions and research groups supporting the network.
  • In the section “Activities”, you may find the events organised and promoted by the members and their Institutions, and those directly supported by the network.

Finally, by subscribing the network mailing list (to be activated shortly), you may be informed about conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., of interest to the members; calls for applications (open academic positions and calls for research projects) and latest book releases.

Enjoy your visit!

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