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Directions to San Raffaele University

The easiest way to reach Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is to arrive at Cascina Gobba underground station (M2 – green line) –  approximately 20 minutes from Milano Central railway station – and from there:
* either take the shuttle train purchasing a return ticket costing €1.30. The shuttle takes approximately 10 minutes. Tickets can be bought in front of the shuttle at vending machines; shuttle can be reached following the sign placed at platform 1 at Cascina Gobba.
* or take the 925 bus towards Milano 2–San Raffaele from outside Cascina Gobba station, and get off at the stop outside the DIBIT building. In this case you can continue using the same public transport ticket, valid for 90 minutes (price €1,50), that you have already used for the underground (underground tickets can be bought at any underground station). The bus takes approximately 15 minutes, a little longer than the shuttle train.

You can also check:
* detailed directions to San Raffaele University from Airports, Railways and Motorways: San
Raffaele – Directions
* the San Raffaele website (San Raffaele)
* Google Map for San Raffaele University
* A map of Milan’s Underground and Urban Railways and the official site of Milan’s transportations.

List of suitable accomodations

Please find below a list of suitable accomodations. Please do notice that San Raffaele University is not in the city center, and thus it might be helpful to you to find accomodations close to the green line (M2) of Milan’s underground (not all of those listed below are).
The following list is not understood as a complete list of suitable accomodations. Other informations can be found at the official website of Milan Turism or thorugh usual online booking websites.


Hotel Principe Savoia (*****) – Piazza della Repubblica, 17
Hotel Atahotel Executive (****) – Viale Don Luigi Sturzo, 45
Hotel Mythos (****) – Via Carlo Tenca, 21
Hotel alla Scala (****) – Via dell’Orso, 7
Hotel Ariosto (****) – Via Ariosto, 22
Carlyle Brera Hotel (***) – Corso Garibaldi, 84
Hotel Soperga (***) – Via Soperga, 24
Best Western Hotel Galles (****) – Piazza Lima, 2
Hotel Gamma (***) – Via Valvassori Peroni, 85
Hotel Ariston (***) – Largo Carrobbio, 2
Hotel Serena (***) – Via Boscovich, 59
Hotel Vienna (***) – Via Astolfo, 5
Hotel Lugano (***) – Via Astolfo, 6
Atahotel Class Residence (**) – Via Cornalia, 7
Hotel Trentina (**) – Via Filippino Lippi, 50
Hotel Malta (*) – Via Ricordi, 20

B&B and Hostels

Elpaso Milano (B&B) – Viale Monza, 16
I Giardini di Villa Aurora (B&B) – Via Monteggia, 10
Hostel Central Station – Viale Lunigiana, 4
Hostel Zebra – Viale Regina Margherita, 9
Hostel Colours – Via Desiderio, 24
Hostel Ostello Bello – Via Medici, 4

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