Philosophy of mathematics: objectivity, cognition, and proof

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The FilMat promoting committee is glad to announce that the first international FilMat conference will be held at University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan, on the 29th-31st of May 2014.

The FilMat network originates from two interconnected needs: to establish and foster exchanges between Italian scholars working in the philosophy of mathematics and strictly related fields, either in Italy or abroad, with special attention to those at early stages of their careers; and to support the relationships between the Italian community and international scholars.

In order to contribute to this process of establishment, the network has promoted its first international conference, in the hope this will become a regular meeting for Italian and international researchers. The conference will give the opportunity to keep the attention on this field alive at national level, and to make the Italian research community even more visible internationally.

We are happy that the conference cfp has received much attention and a high number of submissions from several countries worldwide, as you can see from the conference statistics. We would like to sincerely thank all the scholars who submitted their works to the conference.

The conference will be held under the auspices of AILA, SIFA, SILFS, and in collaboration with COGITO and CRESA.

The conference is generously funded by PRIN 2010-11 national project Realism and Objectivity (Unit coordinator: Claudia Bianchi); the PhD Program in Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind (San Raffaele University / NeTS at IUSS Pavia); the PhD Program in Philosophy and Sciences of the Mind (San Raffaele University); Seminario di Logica Permanente – SELP, which sponsors the Early Career talk by Francesca Poggiolesi.

We wish to thank our panel of reviewers for their precious help in the review process. Beyond the members of the scientific committee and invited speakers, special thanks go to: Luca Bellotti, Pieranna Garavaso, Øystein Linnebo, Gabriele Lolli, Eva Picardi, Stewart Shapiro.

See you all in Milan!

The scientific committee of FilMat 2014
Francesca Boccuni, Paola Cantù, Valeria Giardino, Enrico Moriconi, Marco Panza, Chris Pincock, Luca San Mauro, Andrea Sereni

The promoting committee of FilMat Network
Francesca Boccuni, Gabriele Lolli, Marco Panza, Matteo Plebani, Luca San Mauro, Andrea Sereni, Giorgio Venturi

The organising committee of FilMat 2014
Francesca Boccuni, Marina Imocrante, Andrea Sereni


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