FilMat2014: Statistics

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We received 38 submissions from 36 international Universities and research Institutions from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, UK, USA.

The grand total of authors is 42:
27 international scholars;
6 non-Italy-based Italians;
9 Italy-based Italians.

Of these, 18 are young scholars, namely master students or PhD candidates:
13 internationals;
3 non-Italy-based Italians;
2 Italy-based Italians.

Accepted Contributions

17 of the 38 submissions were accepted for presentation, for a grand total of 21 authors. Of these latter:
11 are internationals;
4 are non-Italy-based Italians;
6 are Italy-based Italians.

Among the accepted contributors, 7 are young scholars:
5 internationals;
1 non-Italy-based Italian;
1 Italy-based Italian.

Acceptance Rates
(sorted by university-research institution/country)

Italy: 5 out of 8
UK: 7 out of 9
France: 1 out of 2
Austria: 2 out of 2
Germany: 2 out of 2
Finland: 1 out of 1
Brazil: 1 out of 1

Total amount: 19 institutions.

For each category, we took into account multiple authors and affiliations.

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