FilMat2014: Conference Program

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Thursday May 29th

14.00-14.30 Registration

14.30-15.45 Invited Speaker: Aldo Antonelli (University of California, Davis)
Definitions by Abstraction and Reference to Abstract Objects

15.50-16.30 Robert Knowles (University of Manchester)
Numbering Planets and Equating Facts

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-17.40 Samantha Pollock (University of Bristol)
The Significance of  Categoricity for Formal Theories and Informal Beliefs

17.40-18.20 Georg Schiemer (University of Vienna), Johannes Korbmacher (MCMP, Munich) What are Structural Properties?

18.20-19.00 Gianluigi Oliveri (University of Palermo)
True V or not True V, that is the Question

Friday May 30th

9.00-10.15 Early Career Invited Speaker: Francesca Poggiolesi  (CNRS, CEPERC, University of Aix-Marseille)
Logic of Grounding: An Alternative Approach
Sponsored by SELP

10.20-11.00 Carlo Nicolai (University of Oxford)
A Note on Typed Truth and Consistency Strength

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.10 Robert Black (University of Nottingham)
Modality, Abstract Structures and Second-Order Logic

12.10-12.50 Brice Halimi (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
Category Theory and Set Theory: Algebraic Set Theory as an Example of their Interaction

12.50-14.10 Lunch break

14.10-15.25 Invited Speaker: Mario Piazza (University of Chieti-Pescara)
Incompleteness and the Flow of Truth

15.30-16.10 Massimiliano Carrara, Enrico Martino (University of Padua), Matteo Plebani (University of Basilicata)
Computability, Finiteness and the Standard Model of Arithmetic

16.10-16.40 Coffee break

16.40-17.20 Michele Palmira (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Arbitrary Descriptive Names and the Benacerraf Problem

17.20-18.00 Neil Barton (Birkbeck College)
Multiversism and the Problem of Reference: How much Relativism is Acceptable?

18.00-19.00 FilMat Assembly

20.30 Conference Dinner

Saturday May 31st

9.00-9.40 Marina Imocrante (Vita-Salute San Raffaele University)
Ontology and Application in Pincock’s Account: a Weak Link?

9.40-10.20 Davide Rizza (University of East Anglia)
On the Constitutive Role of Mathematisation in Economic Modelling

10.20-10-50 Coffee break

10.50-11.30 Mario Santos-Sousa (University College London)
Bootstrapping Rebooted

11.30-12.10 Markus Pantsar (University of Helsinki, LMU Munich)
Empirically Feasible Epistemology of Arithmetic

12.10-12.50 Andy Yu (University of Oxford)
Are Diagrammatic Proofs Legitimate?

12.50-14.20 Lunch break

14.20-15.00 Claudio Ternullo, Sy-David Friedman (Kurt Gödel Research Center, Vienna)
Believing the New Axioms

15.00-15.40 Giorgio Venturi (CLE, University of Campinas)
Are Forcing Axioms Natural Axioms?

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

16.10-17.25 Invited Speaker: Leon Horsten (University of Bristol)
Absolute Infinity

Stewart Shapiro pre-conference seminar  Please note that on the morning of Thursday, May 29th, 10.30-12.30, the conference will be preceded by the following related seminar, to be held in the same venue of the conference (Aristotele room, building DIBIT1):

Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State University) Pluralism and Relativism for Logic

Conference venues The conference will take place in Aristotele room, building DIBIT1, at San Raffaele university. Directions to the University can be found here.

Practical Tips

All lunches will take place at the University cafeteria (lunches are covered for speakers, and will cost less than 10 euros each for non-speakers). The conference dinner will take place at L’Osterì. The conference dinner is covered for speakers. Non-speakers willing to attend the conference dinner can book it by writing to The cost of the dinner is 25€ each (vegetarians menus are available).

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